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Hi there, before reading the whole article, let me ask you a few questions on Lap Harp Review. Is it alright? Then let us begin. Do you know what Harp is? Any Idea? Or Do you know how much a harp cost? And how many strings a harp has?

Okay enough questions, Now let me tell you all the answers. The Harp is known as a magnificent musical Instrument. It has a lot of strings, and there are several categories of harps. But we are going to cover the Lap Harp, which is the smallest Harp. It is called the lap harp because you can play this instrument on your lap.

Harp has vast popularity in European countries mostly. Many countries used to play the Harp before like Myanmar, America etc. But with the change of time, Harp is now most prevalent in only European countries.

Harp has many categories. Such as- there are big size harps, which are generally heavy. Some harps are small in size, and they are not as heavy as big harps. You can play small harps keep it on your lap.

This is why small harps are usually known as Lap Harps. Almost all harps made of woods.In some harps the strings are nylon, and in some other harps, strings are metals. It depends on the tune. Nowadays you can also see electrics harps as well

Musical Instrument Lap Harp – Easy to Play

No doubt, Harp is one of the best instruments out there. One of the significant advantages of Harps is It is easy to play and it not like other critical instruments. Moreover, Lap harps are suitable to play for its smaller size.

In this article, we have discussed the most affordable top lap harps you can buy in 2020.

1. Music Maker Hand Made Lap Harp

The music maker was one of the first to be called a lap harp. It has been available for many years, and we regularly talked to people who bottle up harp for their young children and are now getting that same music maker lap harp ready for their grandchildren to play and enjoy.

It is a very well-built solid instrument that will last you for many years and be something that you can hand on to your children and grandchildren through in the years to come.

The unique thing of Music Maker Lap harp is It is handmade.No machinery, nor any robots make this lap harp. It is 100% handmade and top quality. It is made of high-quality woods and mostly manufactured in Belarus.

It’s currently available in three different colors. In the Box, you will get a variety of sheets of music as well as tuning information. There’s also a little bag that will contain your tuner a pick and a spare wire in the off chance that you happen to break a string, so you already have a replacement on hand.

The music maker has a wide variety of music packets available. Such as there are classical and romantic songs well. You can also find something like Christmas and children’s favorites southern gospel, there’s a variety of Disney packets, there are over, 25 different song packets that you can get. So they’re sure to be something that everyone in your family can enjoy.

When you’re not using your lap harp, you might want to consider getting a case. You can have them available in red and black, and these canvas cases provide a solid level of protection to your harp and also make it very convenient if you want to take your harp with you.

This lap harp suitable for everyone. Anyone who never holds a lap harp before can also play it. You can find Staff Notations to play it. If you are a beginner just go through the staff notations, pluck the strings and boom. You are a musician now.

Features of Music Maker Hand Made Lap Harp

  • It is very easy to play.
  • It is made of high-quality woods.
  • It has 12 song sheets with the lap harp.
  • It has free extra wire inside the box.
  • It includes a tuning card and tuning wrench.
  • It is very user friendly
  • It has 15 high-quality strings on it.

Pros of Music Maker

  • Very Easy to play.
  • It can be carried anywhere.
  • Smaller in Size.
  • Very suitable for teens.
  • It has a replacement system.

Cons of Music Maker

  • It comes with only 12 sheets.
  • Unboxing experience will be not satisfactory

2. Winning Hape Happy Harp For Kid’s

Our second recommendations on the list are Winning Hape Happy Harp. This harp is capable of producing soothing and smooth tunes. It is specially designed for children and kids. Due to its smaller size it fits in the hands of children very well.

Winning Hape Happy Harp is designed and built with high-quality woods. Its strings are nylon Which gives comfort during playing. Overall sound quality is realistic and soft.

The harp is excellent value for money. Mostly suitable for kids those who want to make just for basic music for learning. Moreover, this harp encourages kids to do music. So, it will help them to develop their skills and natural ability

The point you should keep in mind that you have to take care of your musical instrument. You should regularly clean with a damp cloth and keep it in a dry place. This will retain its quality for an extended period.

Features of Winning Hape Happy Harp

  • It includes one blank sheet and five songs in the box.
  • Suitable for Teens and kids.
  • Attractive and stylish design.
  • Increase interest in music.
  • Develop their skills in music.
  • Develop a passion for music.
  • Encourage to discover new songs with the tune.
  • Sound quality is realistic, soft and soothing.

Pros of Winning Hape Happy Harp

  • Kids can play very easily.
  • Kids can make new tunes for fun.
  • Develop musical skills.
  • Feel the natural environment.
  • The soft Sound makes mind cheerful

Cons of Winning Hape Happy Harp

  • It is suitable for only kids.
  • It is limited to five-song sheets.

3. TK O’Brien’s Birch Lap Harp

TK O’Brien’s Lap harp is designed for children and kids only below 5 years. This is a music toy but with great sound compared to the price. Tune pins are very stable due to high-quality materials. This harp makes children and kids happy and encourages them to play music. This is one of the best quality lap harps for kids and children no doubt.

Though Tk O’Brien’s Lap Harp is specially designed for kids. But it doesn’t matter that adults can’t play it. We have said earlier that depending on the price range this one of the best lap harps. If you are not familiar with harps you can go for Tk O’Brien’s.

You can find song sheets under the strings of this harp. You can pluck the strings by seeing the song sheets under the strings.

Features of TK O’Brien’s Birch Lap Harp

  • Everyone can play without any effort.
  • Sound quality is more than average.
  • It has 19 song sheets in total inside the box.
  • It comes with one blank song sheet.
  • It has an extra string replacement set inside the box.
  • It comes with a mini amp which will help to amplify the Sound.

Pros of TK O’Brien’s Birch Lap Harp

  • Suitable for all age people.
  • Easy to play.
  • Small in size.
  • You can replace strings if you need them.
  • Looking as an instrument but portable.
  • Cheap in price.

Cons of TK O’Brien’s Birch Lap Harp

  • Washing with water is forbidden.
  • It will damage in touch of water.
  • Limited longevity.
  • Degrade soon.


In this article, we have discussed the top and best three-lap harps you can buy. If you want to buy a harp, you can select anyone. Which types of harps you need is ultimately important. So, see the feedback, with harps, buy and enjoy.


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