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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of commission earning by promoting the products of others. It is probably one of the best opportunities these days for generating passive income while working from home only a few hours a day.

The most significant advantage of this type of business is that you don’t have to have your own product. Therefore you don’t have to deal with all the product creation, delivery, and customer service process.

You are acting only as an intermediary between the vendor and its customers. All you have to do is to find a product that you feel has value, and promote it to the right audience. In real essence, it’s only a matter of doing it right, and you can make a living from it.

And this type of business is great because it allows you to live a laptop-lifestyle and to work part-time so you can have more free time for yourself. 

Why Affiliate Marketing | Tricks Scooters

Just imagine yourself waking up every day, and while others are sitting in traffic, you check your sales account and see that you have made another couple of hundreds or thousands while you were sleeping.

And you spend only a few hours per day on your business, and make money while you are at home, in your bed, in your pyjamas, or somewhere at an exotic beach drinking a cocktail. And you see money coming into your account always because you promote products that change other people’s lives.

What is great about affiliate marketing is that you don’t necessarily need a big list of followers or a big email list. There are other ways how you can promote products and build a business with generous residual income. Affiliate marketing has already created lots of millionaires. 

So Many Affiliate Networks! Which One Do I Choose?

There are several networks where you can choose a product that you would like to promote. Some networks accept one country, some networks allow other countries, but overall they cover all countries in the world.

One more thing you should remember that before joining any Affiliate Networks, you should know the Content Strategy For Affiliate Marketers. This will give a boost to increase your sales.

The good thing about these networks is that once a person buys a product, the platform handles the payment and calculates your commission check. There are networks where you can promote physical products like Amazon Associates, famous brands like ShareASale, and networks where you can promote digital products like Clickbank, Digistore, Maxweb, JVZoo.

These are appealing because they are great for impulse buys. Buyers can get immediate satisfaction with their purchase, as they can download and start using their product immediately. Moreover, commissions in these digital networks are higher – from 40 and even up to 92%).

However, merchants are not well known, but it does not stop other affiliates from earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars every day promoting these products.

To sign up as an affiliate to and start promoting is free of charge. And, to promote your affiliate products, you can use free traffic (recommendations) or paid traffic (Facebook, Instagram, Google ads).

How to Choose the Right Product to Promote

How do you choose the right affiliate product to promote? Here are a few tips you might want to look through before you choose one.

1.A product that you like and have an interest in

If you are interested in buying the product yourself, one of the best ways to know if that is the type of product, you wish to promote. It would be great if the product would be something you are either passionate about or knowledgeable about.

Pick a product that appeals to you because promoting a product that you like is more comfortable than promoting one for the sake of the earnings only. After that, do some research on the related product to see if the product has a high demand in the market or not.

Keep in mind that the four most profitable niches in the industry are 1. Love and relationships, 2. Business, 3. Self-development, and 4. Fitness and weight-loss. So, for your affiliate business to be successful, you should look for an affiliate product in one of these four areas. 

2. Look for a product that is of high quality

You would want to promote a product that will enable you to achieve the highest profits in the shortest possible time. There are several factors to consider while joining such networks. Look for a legitimate product, has excellent reviews, is already selling well, and has a generous commission structure.

And always look for a product that is on the first page of the affiliate marketplace of an affiliate network because it means that the product is popular. Other affiliates are earning money from it. You should also buy the product yourself so you can investigate it and decide if you want to promote it.

Using Product Recommendations

If you don’t have money to run paid traffic, you can generate free traffic through product recommendations. Many marketers know that this is one of the most effective ways of promoting a specific product.

There are several ways to generate free traffic. For example, you can post your affiliate link in your Facebook feed, recommending it to your friends, leave a link in your Instagram bio, or post it in different forums.

You can also write blog posts where you share your personal experience with a product or start a YouTube channel and recommend different products in your videos and put your links in the description box. 

Don’t be afraid to mention things that you do not like about a given product or service. This will make your recommendation more realistic rather than losing any points for you and will tend to increase your credibility.

Running Paid Traffic

Paid Advertising | Tricks Scooters

Running paid traffic in most cases can generate much higher income than free traffic. When you are an affiliate marketer, you want to attract people to your website or a landing page which then redirects them to an offer via your affiliate link.

The best way to do this is to run Facebook ads. Facebook is one of the most amazing places for advertising, where you can reach billions of people.

Especially nowadays, when people are scrolling their feeds everywhere, even when they are with their families at the dinner table. For this reason, it is an excellent place for advertising, that’s why it makes so much money and helps other affiliates to make a lot of money.

So, all you have to do is to learn how to attract people’s attention to your ad with paid advertising. Here is the vocabulary of basic terms that you should be familiar with when it comes to paid advertising: 

Ad Campaign

An ad campaign is a fundamental, structural element of launching your ads. The ad set is the targeting for your ad, and if you show your ad to the wrong people, you are not going to make money.

Ad Pictures and Videos

Ad picture/video/text that the user sees when scrolling through Facebook. It has to be well crafted to attract attention and make people click on it. When they click on it, it will lead them to your website or the vendor’s page through your affiliate link, and if they buy the product, you earn a commission.

Custom Audience

Custom audience – it is an audience customed to your business. For example, you can make Facebook send ads to people that are already visiting your business (if you have your website, fan page, or group), so you are showing ads that are already engaged in your business.

The other use for customer audience is that you can upload a list of people who have bought your product, or if you put a pixel on your website you can let Facebook create the list, as it tracks the buyers of your product.

If you advertise for another company, you can upload a list of people that bought their product, and Facebook will automatically match up the list of people that already purchased the product you are trying to sell.

Facebook also detects other people who would be interested in buying the product through the artificial intelligence algorithm. So, the matching of people that already bought your product, or a product of another company, with new buyers, is called a Lookalike audience.

When you upload a list of people that already bought the product, Facebook will look for people that are like the people that already purchased the product, considering age, demographics, ethnicity, and other similarities and will create an audience that will be interesting in buying your product.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel | Tricks Scooters

Facebook pixel is a code that you put on your website so Facebook can understand the demographics of people that are visiting your site. Also, Facebook can build a Custom audience that consists of people that tend to visit your website. It also allows you to track if your ads created any buyers. So, it is constructive to determine if you spend 100 USD did you make a 100 USD back.

However, when it comes to paid traffic, the biggest problem is that if you don’t know how to run it properly, you can end up wasting money in the beginning until you find your winning campaigns and start profiting. Facebook is all about testing so, in the beginning, it can take some time to learn which ads are converting best.

It’s a lot to learn in your affiliate marketing journey, so with practice, you will eventually lean to write ad campaigns that touch psychological triggers to make people click on your advertisement.

From a case study, it was found that 1 out of 100 people are more likely to buy your product and services you offer.So you have to generate more traffic to maximizes your sales in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game.Paid traffic can generate much more lead to your affiliate product. You can make hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars are running Facebook ads on a product that you don’t even own.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook advertising in-depth, watch this video, where a young lady Ariella shares her experience of how she earned 600 000 USD in 4 months with paid traffic in affiliate marketing. 


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