Stunt Scooters

How To Fold and Unfold A Scooter

  • 8 min read

Razor scooters will offer to zip around your community. The most extraordinary section of the scooter is that you may fold it. In fact, learning how to fold and unfold a scooter is an important part. Simultaneously, your driving skill and the scooter driving procedure is straightforward enough. In case you are collapsible with a razor scooter, you need to… Continue readingHow To Fold and Unfold A Scooter

How To Tail Whip On A Scooter

  • 8 min read

When it comes to scooting, the tailwhip is one of the most important and basic tricks to master. When you’re first entering scooting, tailwhip is among the first and extra crucial strategies you’ll find. Tossing a tailwhip contains diving to the atmosphere along with the flexibility wheel chair scooter, kicking the deck location round the handlebar write-up inside a total… Continue readingHow To Tail Whip On A Scooter