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Every car owner knows how important it is to keep your vehicle getting serviced. It is rightly said that investing in a car is high maintenance because it always demands a proper lookout. But there is no use if you aren’t satisfied with your ride, even after spending lots on it.

To have a pleasant experience with your car, you need to pamper it with some accessories that are cool and must-haves in 2020! Not only refreshing, but some products are of real importance while owning a car.

Here is a list of Auto-Expert recommended products, that are a necessity for every car.


Head up display

Category: Smart Car Product

In today’s times, when every appliance is turning into a smart one, ranging from TVs to Refrigerators to watches, why not turn your car into a smart car too? 

A Head-Up Display is an efficient tool for giving your car this makeover. It displays required information during driving, such as speed, navigation directions, temperature etc. Another benefit of using it is that it comes with a transparent body that does not block the road view ahead.

Also, as its name suggests, it keeps the driver’s head-up, meaning always on the road. This reduces any chances of road accidents.HUDs are available as a device that displays data, or just as information that is projected on the car’s front glass shield.

ITEQ Universal GPS HUD is one recommended manufacturer. Head-Up Displays are being termed as the Next Gen of car accessories, and quite evidently, they are making their place in the market. Top car companies like Honda and BMW have already started, including HUDs in their services.

It also gives the interior of the vehicle a well-sophisticated look and digitises it. A head-up display is one attractive accessory that we have in our list, and you should add it to yours too!


1. Start the Head-Up Display app compatible with your mobile device.

2. Lay your mobile below the HUD screen.

3. All the information displayed on the phone screen will be now be displayed on the HUD without blocking the road ahead.


Category: Smart Car Product

If we are talking about turning your car into a smart car, there is another product which might fancy car lovers. It’s the Amazon Echo Alexa for Car.

Similar to the one designed for houses, Alexa for cars also works on voice commands. It can play songs, read out news, place calls, check the calendar and what not!

It is highly useful on the road when you cannot use your phone while driving, but can access it via this device, just by your voice. It can also help with GPS navigation, only requires a good Bluetooth connection.

Since it is made for cars, its features are checked for road, i.e. it has good quality speakers that can tolerate road noise and disturbance. Alexa can also access various music streaming apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple tunes etc.

It makes the driving experience handy and enjoyable and also makes the driver free from checking his cellphone for notifications, for changing songs etc. So, go ahead and Get an Alexa for your car too! 

Usage Amazon Echo Alexa

1. Using an Amazon Alexa for the car is pretty much the same as the one for houses. 

2. You can connect Echo Auto to your car via the included 3.5mm aux cable or connect with your phone’s Bluetooth.

3. Alexa uses the Alexa App to stream through content.



Category: Interior and Accessibility

In the current scenario, people cannot leave their phones alone, even for an hour. Although it is a violation of traffic rules to use phones for calls while driving, yet mobiles find various other applications while on the road.

You may use them for the GPS, for playing music or listening to your favourite podcast, for getting news updates and so on. It is also very inconvenient to drive while having your phone inside your pocket. 

To ease this problem, a Magnetic Phone Holder is a perfect accessory.  

One of the best manufacturers is Baseus. The holder has a good grip on the car dash as well as on the phone. Magnetic holders are small, compact and portable and thus are easy to install on the car dashboard. They are firm but can also rotate a full circle giving complete views from multiple angles.

A similar product that can be brought to use is a Gravity Mobile Holder or a Cup Phone Holder. Its applications are the same as a Magnetic Phone Holder, the only difference being that a phone needs to be fit in it, rather than being held by a magnet.

It stays firm and can tolerate bumpy roads and turns. Also, it can be used for any model of mobile phones in the market. It makes for an essential item in any car.

Usage of Car Accessories For Phone Mounting

1. One needs to attach the Magnetic Holder on the dashboard (or wherever you wish to place your phone holder).

2. Insert a magnetic chip/magnet inside your phone’s back cover.

3. The magnetic holder will now be able to hold your phone correctly.


Category: Comfort and furnishing

Driving is undoubtedly a tiring task, especially while driving for long hours. People who travel to work daily by cars or cover long distances frequently, often complain of back and joint pains by sitting in the same posture for long hours. An efficient solution to this problem is a Car Massage Cushion.

One can place it on the seat as a seat cover, and it can take its perfect shape. These are available in different colours and material and offer the customer varied choices to choose the one according to their car interiors.

Massage Cushions come with various features. They have a vibrating function to soothe one’s muscles. They also have options for neck and shoulder massages. It relaxes the user, which makes him focus on the road even better.

These are also recommended for old and aged people since they are uncomfortable sitting inside the compact spaces of cars and later have problems of sore muscles. It thoroughly massages all the back muscles gently.

Further, these cushions can also be heated up slightly to add to the relaxation. One recommended brand is SNAILAX Shiatsu.

This item is needed more in today’s times when we spend most of the day sitting around and jam our muscles. Its slight massages are used to get rid of the pain and find driving comfortable. This is another accessory that we find useful for every car owner.

Usage of  Massage Cushions

1. The cushion has adjustable massage nodes wherein you can select your desired mode of massage and also its intensity.


Category: Mechanical and Emergency

Sometimes in highly unlikely situations, the car battery might run dead in the middle of the road, or the car engine won’t start even after trying lots. In such a scenario, it is not always possible to run to a mechanic or get one to help.

Therefore, A Jump Starter kit should always be present in your car. It provides enough current and power to start the vehicle’s dead battery. Once the battery is on, the car’s regular charging mechanisms will start working again. 

Many companies manufacture jump starters for cars. Some of the most recommended ones are NOCO genius boost plus and DBPOWER.This is more of a necessity than an accessory for a car, and it must be present in your vehicle, to avoid any battery related problems on road.

  Usage of Jump Starter

1. Attach the alligator clamps to the battery of the car.

2. Insert the power adapter into an outlet and charge the battery until the light indicates a complete charge.


Category: Videography

In certain situations, it is needed to have the video recording of the incidents on the road, visible through the front glass shield. It may be used as proof in case of any mishappening. Some travellers also like having the footages of their journey while on road trips.

To their rescue, comes the Dash Camera, which can be installed next to the top mirror inside the car. One has to be careful while choosing the correct camera since it should not be a hurdle to the view ahead. It should also have a good video quality.

One recommended brand is Next Base. These cameras are easy to install and also to remove from the car. Efficient in recording and also do not take much space behind the mirror.

Usage of Dash Camera

1. Installation is not a difficult task. 

2. You can either connect it to the cigarette socket or buy new hardware and connect to fuse box on the dashboard.


Category: Accessibility 

An adapter or car charger is a basic requirement for every car. While going on long road trips, or when running late to the office with low battery in the phone, you can always use the car’s charging spot to charge your devices.

But to be able to connect to chargers, this needs a converter/ adapter because cars have cigarette charging spots. Variety of car chargers are available these days with multiple sockets, to charge more than one device at a time., with different types of connecting cables for all devices.

Most recommended one is offered by AmazonBasics, with 1-year warranty and good user reviews. It is compatible with iOS and android devices both.

Usage of Car Charger

1. Simply fit it in the car’s charging socket and it is good to go.


Category: Mechanical and Car care

It is of high priority to car owners to ensure that their car is in the finest state possible. And getting your vehicle’s servicing done is also very important. Every car can use an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) for self-diagnosis of its functions.

The blue driver is one such scan tool software that works with Bluetooth connection and checks the codes given by the car in case of any fault/problem with its parts.

This tool is used by experts and in-car garages to keep a check on the wellbeing of the vehicle. It gives repair reports of the vehicle. Using a blue driver, the car owner can keep a check on the functioning of the car, and whether not it is time to visit the mechanic again.

The blue driver app is free of cost to install on the phone and is compatible with both android and apple products.

It is typically designed for people who self-design their cars and spend a lot of time studying its parts and machinery. It has proven to be highly helpful to get cars checked and spot any internal damage in it.

Usage Blue Driver of Driver Scan Tool

1. Connect the blue driver in the OBD port of your car.

2. Install the Blue Driver App.

3. Start your car and let it connect to the blue driver hardware.

4. It scans your vehicle and gives related repair reports and codes.


Category: Comfort

It burns inside the vehicle when it is parked under the sun for long hours.

A windshield cover is highly desirable when the car is parked in hot temperatures in sunny areas, without any shade. It helps keep the car interiors cool while parked. Also, shield covers protect against harmful UV radiations.

They are also very convenient to use, as they come in the form of a slider and can be rolled to open or close. It is made up of sun blocking and reflecting material that won’t get damaged in high temperatures or heat, and will result in soothing interiors. It is also very easy to install in the car’s front windshield by its mounting handles.

Nowadays, these retractable windshields are available in different colours and designs as well. Variety of options are available for one to choose from.

Two best selling companies are Dash design and HSR which also provide a warranty of 2 years with the shield cover.

Usage of Retractable Windshield Sunshade

1. It is pretty easy to install. Just attach the mounting handles to the extremes of the glass shield from the inside.

2. They can be opened and closed just by sliding.


Category: Car care

It is very painful to see scratch marks on the body of your vehicle, and they appear out of nowhere, no matter how careful you are while driving. Any sharp object can harm the painted body of the car and it may cost a lot to visit an auto body shop. And definitely, these scratches don’t go away easily. 

To solve this issue, there are Scratch Magic Erasers (Markers) available in the market. They are simple to use and work just like markers to hide the scratches on the car. Also, they are non-toxic, and thus safe to use. And it has a long-lasting effect since it is water-resistant and permanent.

There’s no need to visit the garage or mechanic, or to get the new painting done on the car all over again, to hide these scratches. This solution fits the pockets and is very handy. It can be done by anybody owning a car as no professional guidance is needed anyhow.

Best Selling manufacturer is Fixit Pro. These magic markers must always be present in your car, to hide those nasty scratches immediately! This is also a necessary product rather than being just a luxury accessory.

Usage of Car Scratch Remover

No special usage instructions. Just slide along the scratch 2-3 times to get good finishing.


Category: Furnishing

It has definitely happened with a lot of people that their phones, wallets, money etc. often fall in the gap between the seats, and are very difficult to pick up from there. It is very chaotic to encounter such a situation while you are driving alone and you need to stop your car to pick up whatever’s fallen.

To solve this problem, a Car Seat Gap Filler is available. It can be easily and tightly inserted in the space between the seats and the hand-break (center console). It is made up of water proof material, so there is practically no need to worry about spilling fluids over it. It is available in dark colors to be compatible with any kind of car interiors.

Top Manufacturer is Drop Stop. These gap fillers are of universal size, i.e. they are fit for any car. Quiet interestingly, this product also fits around seat belts through an inbuilt slot. It is definitely of great help to prevent anything from getting lost beneath the seats.

Usage of Car Seat Gap Filler

1. Press and fit it between the seats and the center console.

2. Carefully take out the seat belt holder from between the gap in the seat gap filler sponge.


Category: Mechanical and Car care

Another necessary product that should be present in your car’s toolkit is a digital car tire inflator. To handle any situation of tire problems, a handy and portable tire inflator is a necessity. A trustworthy brand is TUSA that manufactures easy to use inflators, which can pump up any tire within 2 minutes.

It is a digital inflator and comes with the display on the control panel placed on the front. This can also be used in the dark efficiently since it has a bright LED display.

Usage of Digital Tire Inflator

1. Attach the nozzle of the tire inflator with the tire. Press down the lock to hold the nozzle in place.

2. Inflator displays a reading of the existing pressure in the tyre.

3. Use the buttons to increase or decrease the required pressure. Start the inflator.

4. Pressure fills in to the tyre. After it reaches the designated value, it turns off.


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