Email Marketing All You Need To Know

Email Marketing Basics a Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

Email Marketing still one of the best and highly effective digital marketing strategies. It is so powerful that it can bring high-quality leads for any online business and can turn prospects to customers into loyal fans.

In this article, we will guide through the entire process of email marketing so that you can gain high quality leads for your entire life. We will start with the very basics of email marketing throughout this article. Moreover, We will answer every question about email marketing to make sure you can have a clear concept.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a process of delivering a promotional, relational or transactional message to a certain group of people who have emails. When an email sent to a potential customer can be regarded as email marketing. It is also called direct marketing as direct mails are sent through emails. But the main purpose of email marketing is to promote your business and to cultivate long term relationships with your potential customers. So that you make your business and your brand to grow.

Does Email Marketing Works In 2020?

Email is the channel for generating the highest ROI (Return on investment) for the marketer. It is because for every $1 is invested in email marketing, the average return on investment is between $38 to $44.25 maximum. Email Marketing helps to target a particular group of customers and specific individuals. Which brings high-quality output and high ROI for each campaign. For example, a restaurant can offer 50% cashback for each individual’s birthday by sending them emails on their birthday. This will create a high impression rate among the customers and will increase the retention of quality customers.

Does Email Marketing Works in 2020? | Tricks Scooters
Does Email Marketing Works In 2020 | Tricks Scooters

Is Email Marketing Dead?

The Answer is NO, not at all. Some people still think email marketing is outdated. From a study, it has been found that email marketing generates an average of 4,300% to 4,700% return on investment for businesses in the united states of America. The average email read rate is 25-30% compared to <8-10% with social media marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing? Tricks Scooters
Why Email Marketing

Over 34% of the total population use emails to their day to day life. That is around 2.8 billion individuals and it is expected that this will increase to 3.2 billion email clients. So in our opinion, we have some solid reasons to share with you why email marketing is important.

Inexpensive and Cost-Effective

For any kind of marketing whether it is online or offline email marketing plays a significant role. It is simple, cheap and powerful in all terms.we have discussed earlier that ROI ( Return on Investment) of email marketing is much higher than all other traditional marketing. Moreover, the budget is an issue for marketers where emails save them reducing the marketing cost

Trust & Brand Building

Once someone subscribed to your newsletter or signed up to your email list, you will have a great opportunity to build a cordial relationship that will build trust between the customer and your company. Once you have their trust, your brand value will increase soon enough. In this way, you can offer them to buy your services or your products.

Easily Measured and Insightful

Autoresponders provide you with plenty of statistics that are very useful for gaining insight and measuring your campaigns too. You can send different things and promotions to your mailing list, and you can instantly track and analyze to see what your subscribers respond to more. This will also give you an idea of the kind of people who are willing to do business with you so you can avoid selling to the wrong customers.

What are The Types of Email

Types of email marketing | Tricks Scooters
Types of email marketing

In general, there are three types of Email Marketing

  • Transactional Email
  • Relational Email
  • Promotional Email

What is Transactional Email?

Transactional emails are those types of emails where there is a clear transactional agreement between the sender and recipient. For example, any order confirmation of any specific product between the seller and buyer is a transactional email. The main objective of a transactional email is to deliver customer service. Delivering customer service generates more sell. Transactional emails also help to increase brand awareness. They can be further used for Lead Generation. They can help you with retention and loyalty, as well as, engagement and nurturing where you link them to your best content.

Types of Transactional Email Marketing | Tricks Scooters
Types of Transactional Email

What is Relational Email?

These types of email increase the value of your customers through delivering free content and information such as subscription receptions, newsletters, blog posts, surveys, social updates and more. Relational emails usually don’t make offers to customers directly nor specifically to sell a product or service. Rather it is focused on making long term relationships with the customers. For example, when your email subscriber receives a piece of high-quality content through a newsletter, they might be interested to know about your brand deeply.

What is Relational Email | Tricks Scooters

What is Promotional Email?

Promotional emails are a very common and popular form of email marketing, their purpose is to make offers through your email list. Promotional emails are also Relational emails in nature. Promotional emails have high advantages in generating lead generations. Getting people to buy more and move along the customer journey makes them more loyal and as a result this increases retention rate.

We can see from the picture below that above all other business emails Transactional emails play a much more significant role. Because it fulfills all the necessary services to grow your business at the sky-high level.

Primary Goal of Email Type | Tricks Scooters |Which is the best type of email
Which is the best type of email

Why Email Marketing is used for?

Why Email Marketing is used for ?

Email Marketing VS Social Media Marketing


Email Marketing is more powerful than all other social media because in the age of social media email is considered as a not appealing subject. The fun fact is almost 91% of people check their emails every day at least once a day. Moreover, email marketing has a higher conversion rate compared to social media marketing. The email has a 2.3% conversion rate compared to a 1% conversion rate. To know the full comparison between email and social media marketing you can check our other articles.


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