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Content Strategy For Affiliate Marketers: A Beginners Guide

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You’ve made the right choice as a beginner in affiliate marketing. In this article, I have highlighted the best practices in the content strategy used by the most successful affiliate marketers in today’s world.

A little about me, I am Chamok Biswas, senior content writer, and SEO Optimizer. The strategies I have laid out here are the same that we use for all our clients who order affiliate marketing related content.

If you are serious about making money online selling affiliate products, read and follow this guide particularly as your content strategy. If you need to ask me any questions personally, you can contact us here.

Keyword Research & topic ideation

Before you start writing any articles, you need to do keyword research. This will make it possible for you to know what keywords will be more natural to rank. Keyword research will also give you an idea of what topics to write about.

Previously, a lot of people used to advocate for buyer intent keywords, but these have become more competitive, and this strategy doesn’t work that well anymore. You need to use a combination of both buyer intent keywords and informative keywords for you to do this successfully. Here are a few examples of keywords

Buyer Intent Keyword

  • Dog Vitamins 
  • Nutra thrive for dogs 
  • Anti-itch for dogs

Informative Keyword

  • Homemade dog food 
  • Dog chewing paws

When performing keyword research, you need to check for less competitive keywords with a good number of monthly searches. For you to do this, you can use either free or paid tools. I will show you how to use both. 

Paid tools that you can use for keyword research include Ahrefs, MOZ, and semrush. At Content Clerks, you can find the agency package of ahrefs, and we use it to perform keyword analysis and extensive topic ideation for all our bulk order customers. I will show you exactly how we do it.

Keyword research using Ahrefs – Paid Tool

Since we started with the examples in the dog niche, we will focus on that throughout this guide. First, we start with an idea in mind. Say “dog supplements.”

 Lucky for us, our first keyword fits our criteria perfectly! We usually consider a keyword with Keyword Difficulty that is less than 40. These are less competitive and much easier to rank for. The keyword “dog supplements” also has an approximate search volume of 1.8K in the US and 2.8K globally. 

These numbers might look small, but with 50-100 articles written and optimized around such keywords, you will start gaining some real traction on your website.

What if you are not lucky enough to come up with such an idea? Well, with ahrefs, you have several other options to find keywords related to what you initially searched for. Here’s how. On the left-hand side, there is a menu that gives you such choices.

For purposes of this guide, we chose “All keyword ideas”  Ahrefs gave us several other ideas that we could use

As you can see, we already have seven dog-related keywords that meet our criteria for the right keyword. The “Questions” section is also quite resourceful.

Keyword research using Ahrefs | Tricks Scooters
Keyword research using Ahrefs

Keyword research using Ubersuggest Free Tool

Keyword research using Ubersuggest Free Tool | Tricks Scooters

If we search the term “dog supplements,” here’s what we come up in the results are somewhat the same as what we got from ahrefs. In Ubersuggest, however, they use SEO Difficulty instead of Keyword Difficulty. There is no standard way of naming, but they essentially mean the same thing.

Again, if you are not so lucky in finding a high keyword on your first search, all you have to do is scroll down, and you will find other related keywords. Here is what it looks like.

Keyword research using Ubersuggest Free Tool

There you have it. We now have four potential keywords that we can create content around.
An alternative way of doing keyword research is to check on what your competitors are already ranking for. Again, you can use both tools to achieve this

Competitor Content Analysis using Ubersuggest

A simple google search can give you the top blogs in the dog niche. We found chewy. After putting their domain into the traffic analyzer section and selecting “Top pages,” we found this…

Competitor Content Analysis using Ubersuggest | Tricks Scooters

We see that the page with the most visitors and most shares on this website is a blog post where they were talking about dog breeds with the cutest puppies.

All you have to do is write content around the same topic but make it more detailed, informative, and fun! You don’t just want to be in the copy-pasting business. You also do not want to produce mediocre content. Nobody is going to read or share that! You can do this with as many articles as you like

Competitor Content Analysis using Ahrefs

We will use a different keyword now let us suppose moz. Ahrefs has a “Top content” section on the left-hand menu. Several articles are driving a lot of traffic to this website and getting lots of social shares as well. Just like in the previous example, choose the articles you want to write and give it your best shot!

Competitor Content Analysis using Ahrefs Tricks Scooters

Using Blog Post Topic Generators – Answer The Public

There are occasions where you do not know where to start. Remember when we started with “dog supplements”? What if you do not have any idea of what to write? There are websites like Answer The Public that can help you get ideas on what to write about.

Here is what we get when we put in the word “dog” into Answer The Public.

Using Blog Post Topic Generators | Tricks Scooters

The results are almost endless. You can filter in terms of questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related results. I like to spice things up a little by using a chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere together with Answer The Public to get even more data. This data will give you an idea of what keywords to focus on.

Using google search suggestions

Many affiliate marketers often overlook this method, yet it works rather well. We all want to rank on Google. Therefore, who else can give us the best search terms other than Google themselves?

Here is how it works… You simply go on Google and started typing something related to your niche. In this case, we used “My dog” Automatically, and Google starts giving you suggestions.

Using google search suggestions | Tricks Scooters

You can already start to see what kind of topics you can focus on. These suggestions are definitely from what people search for. There is no way Google is just guessing.
Don’t be so quick to settle for these suggestions just yet as some of them might be very competitive, and you might never rank high enough.

You need to find a search query that you can answer in an article and has little to no competition. To do this, pick one of the suggested topics.

We picked, “My dog is shaking.”

There are several articles written around that search term. What you want are questions that people are asking related to the same phrase. Scroll down to the “Related searches” section.

Using google search suggestions Tricks Scooters

We find an interesting question- “What should I do if my dog is shaking?” Click on the query and see the results. For you to find a good search query worth writing a whole article on, certain conditions must be met.

The conditions are

  1. There are very few, if any, articles answering the questions directly.
  2. Some of the results that are ranking on page one are from forums such as Quora.
  3. Ranking pages have a Domain Authority of less than 20. You can use a free tool like Ubersuggest to check for domain authority.
  4. Social media posts are ranking for that query.
Using google search suggestions | Tricks Scooters

The results do not have to meet all these conditions. If one condition is met, you’re good to go!.The first result somehow answers the question. The next 4 results don’t.

Condition 1 is met indicating that this is a great article to write and rank for easily. There you have it. We have gone through several comprehensive ways of doing keyword research and getting topic ideas. If you follow these steps, you will have some of the best keywords and topics for your affiliate marketing blog.

Condition one is met, indicating that this is a great article to write and rank quickly. There you have it. We have gone through several comprehensive ways of doing keyword research and getting topic ideas. If you follow these steps, you will have some of the best keywords and topics for your affiliate marketing blog.

Hiring Content Writers

Let’s face it. Writing articles for affiliate marketing is not an easy task. Some people do not have the time to sit down and come up with 1500 words of unique and compelling content, while others cannot do it. Remember, when you are just starting, you need about 30-50 articles so your website can start gaining some traction.

While this is entirely optional, you can hire content writers to do this for you. There are two ways to go about this. You can choose to work with a content writing agency like Tricks Scoters article writing agency. There are several other contents writing websites out there.

Still, I recommend Tricks Scooters because not only do you get in-depth keyword research done for you but also well-researched, SEO friendly articles.

The other option is to hire a freelance content writer. You can do this on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour.

If you want to hire a freelance writer, there are few things to keep in mind.
Working with a content writing website like Content Clerks makes things easier because all writers have gone through rigorous testing and proper training to provide nothing but the best quality.

When you place an order, the most competent writer in that niche is assigned to handle your work. All content is checked for grammar and originality before submission.

Effective Content Strategy

Content Strategy For Affiliate Marketers: A Beginners Guide | Tricks Scooters
Content Strategy For Affiliate Marketers

We’ve talked about how to find the kind of content to write. Now let’s talk about how to write it. As a rule of thumb, if you want to start well in affiliate marketing, you need 30-50 articles on your website. After publishing these, you can now start posting content every week. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Publish both informative and affiliate articles

Internet users are becoming more aware and can tell what a simple affiliate website looks like. The best practice is to have a combination of both great affiliate articles like reviews and informational materials. Informational articles are those that answer people’s questions.

Link your affiliate blog posts to the informative ones

Well-researched and properly written informative blog posts will drive a lot of traffic. Instead of just letting this traffic leave your website after knowing what they came to find out, you can try and direct them to related affiliate blog posts that will drive conversions and make you money.

For example, if you wrote an article on how to make homemade dog food, you can link to an affiliate article you wrote about dog vitamins.

Article length and frequency of publishing

Your articles should be at least 1000 words. You can post these 3-4 times a month. Once a month, publish a detailed 3000-word report. Your items can be product reviews, buyer guides, informational posts, and even tutorials. Just make sure you are giving people answers to what they need to know.

Include the current year in the article title (When possible)

Doing this improves your click-through rate. The title “Best Dog Vitamins in 2020” will get more clicks.


Now that we have the articles written, we need to do on-page SEO while publishing the articles. Here are some tips to keep in mind when performing on-page SEO.

  • Let the primary keyword phrase appear in the H1 title, in the meta description and at least one H2 subtitle.
  • Include the main keyword in the first paragraph of the article.
  • Have both internal and outbound links in your article. This is the right way for interlinking blog posts. Optimize images for web publishing so they can load faster. You can also add “alternative text attributes” to your images based on your keywords.
  • Make sure your article is optimized for featured snippets. A featured snippet is a box of information Google places on top of the organic search results to quickly answer the search query.
  • If you are using WordPress, several plugins can help you achieve this.
  • Make use of FAQ Schema in your article. According to Niel Patel, the method works great when it comes to SEO.

There are many other on-page SEO tips to consider. If you are using WordPress, you can leverage plugins like Yoast and Rank Math. These are great tools that will help with on-page SEO.


There you have it. We have covered almost all aspects of content strategy when doing affiliate marketing. As I mentioned in the introduction, these are strategies that we use and are working for all our clients and us as well.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them personally. You can reach out to us here.


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