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Let me guess; you already have a .22 magnum cartridge or a similar model that works with a .22 mag. Another thing is that you don’t like wasting your ammunition when firing your rifle. Since you want to be a sharpshooter regardless of the range, you will need the best Scope to go along with your firearm.

In this case, the best Scope for 22 mags would be the perfect accessory you will need to buy. As usual, it is essential to go through the available scopes on the market for you to find the ideal piece, however, if research for you to help you have an easy time to shop for the right 22 mag scope. 

I believe this article will help you with your shopping journey as you look for the ideal Scope for your 22 mag rifle.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

5 Best 22 Magnum Rifle Scope Reviews

It is important to remember that 22 mag rifle scopes come from different manufacturers and in various sizes and styles. However, these are the five models that I thought were worth purchasing.

1. BSA Optics 17SM4514 Rifle Scope

First up on the list is this Scope from BSA Optics. If you have been buying shooting or hunting scopes before, you must recognize this brand. 

Besides being a scope from a reputable brand, this fellow comes with a sweet design, excellent clarity, and sturdy construction as well. The Scope has been designed to fit on your 17 Super Mag rifle cartridge perfectly. Furthermore, it comes with a bullet drop compensation reticle for the 25gr and 20gr bullets. 

Speaking of the reticle, this one comes with an RGB illuminated reticle to offer you an excellent sight. This bright reticle will highlight the harsh marks and dots against dusky hide. There is a rheostat just above the eyepiece, which will illuminate the etched reticle.

Another thing to love about this Scope is the fact that it comes with an adjustable objective. Most rimfire-specific scopes I have worked with come with a fixed parallax setting for around 50 and 100 yards. However, this one comes with an adjustable objective. There is a large dial surrounding the objective bell, which allows you to fine-tune parallax from 10yd to infinity. How cool is that?

It other words, you will have a sharp reticle on target, whether you are up close or far away. On the slightly negative side, the adjustment dial will add some size to the external diameter of the objective bell. I used high mounting rings to hook it on the B-Mag.

Furthermore, the Scope comes with a magnification that ranges from 4.5 to 14. On the other hand, the objective lens comes with a 44mm diameter. Keep in mind that the exit pupil can be adjusted from 6.6mm to 2.3mm.

Above all, the Scope is made of sturdy shockproof construction that makes it strong enough to withstand the accidental drops.

What’s To Love

  • Sturdy, shockproof construction
  • The objective is adjustable 
  • Offers you RGM illuminated reticle 
  • Comes with an optimum eye relief of 4 inches, along with a parallax adjustment
  • Fog, dust, and waterproof
  • Adjustable magnification

What Could Be Better

It would be better if the Scope had a turret lock feature.

2.Simmons 511039 22 Mag Matter Black Riflescope

Here comes another piece that I thought was worth including in the best Scope for 22 mag rifle category. For those hunters or target shooters that love working with a user-friendly scope, this baby would suit you without a problem.

One unique feature that I noticed about this Scope is the Simmons Suregrip rubber surface. With this, you will have an easy time adjusting the Scope as you need, even if your hands are wet. The rugged design is another thing that makes this worth scope purchasing.

If you need a scope that will offer you clear sight while shooting or hunting, this fella has got you covered. The Scope comes with high-quality fully-coated optical glass lenses that help to provide you with sharp and bright images. The HydroShield lens coating helps to maintain a clear sight picture, even when it is raining.

Also, the parallax can be adjusted from 50 yards to infinity, which is another plus point of the Scope. I won’t fail to point out the Rimfire 3/8-inch dovetail mounting rings that come with this unit. 

By the way, the eyepiece on this one has been designed to help you aim at your target with ease. I would recommend this Scope to anyone on a budget but still wants a reliable scope for their rifle. 

What’s To Love

  • Suregrip surface makes it easy to adjust even with wet hands
  • Fully-coated optics
  • Hydroshield lens coating offers clear images
  • Best pick for a budget scope
  • Preset parallax settings
  • Quick target-acquisition eyepiece

What Could Be Better

The turrets tactile click isn’t audible enough

3. Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Rifle Scope

Many people consider the reticle of Scope among the top factors, and I am one of them. If you also value the reticle design of Scope, this one would amuse you.

The scope comes with the Truplex reticle, which goes all the way to the left and right corners of the lens, including the top and bottom sections. The crosshair will become thinner at the centre hence making it easier to see the exact point that the bullet would hit. Who wouldn’t love that?

Another reason for this being among the best 22 scopes is the fact that it comes with a TrueZero windage and elevation adjustment system. This will stay locked to 0 through strenuous conditions. Plus, I loved the QTA eyepiece that allows you to acquire the target with ease. By the way, the windage and elevation adjustments come with an audible click. 

The coated optics on this Scope offer you bright, clear, and super distinct images. With this, you can be confident in hitting your target quickly. It provides you with a 50m objective, along with an adjustable magnification of 3x – 9x. Plus, you get a fantastic field of view of 100 yards, which goes well with the 3.5 inches eye relief.

No need to worry about the water or fog getting inside the Scope because it has been designed to keep them out. Even better, this Scope is recoil proof to stay healthy for long even when your rifle is recoiling.

What’s To Love

  • Rugged design that is recoil proof
  • TrueZero windage keeps it locked at point zero when shooting
  • Coated optics for high-contrast and bright images
  • Adjustable elevation system
  • QTA eyepiece offers you an easy target acquisition

What Could Be Better

The mechanics don’t seem to be durable enough

4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane

Whether you are looking for the best 22 WMR scope for hunting or shooting, this unit would serve you well enough. It comes in with excellent features that rank it among the best.

One thing I loved about this Scope is the Dead-Hold BDC reticle that makes it suitable for shooting or hunting at different ranges, especially if you have a problem calculating holdover. I also noticed the long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box of this Scope. These two features allow you to acquire a sight picture and target quickly enough.

Another plus feature? The fully multicoated lenses that are also anti-reflective. With this, you can be confident of enjoying bright and clear images through the Scope. By the way, the maximum elevation adjustment of this Scope is 60 MOA.

Also onboard are the capped reset turrets that are easily adjustable with your fingers. They also come with MOA clicks that you can reset to zero after sighting in. I thought this was an excellent feature to help you lock in on your target out in the field.

If you prefer a scope that will last for long, even in the most robust condition, this unit would correctly do that. It comes with a single piece tube construction that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that assures you of a substantial scope that is also shockproof. The O-ring seal and nitrogen purge helps to make this fellow fog-proof and waterproof.

What’s To Love

  • One-piece construction makes it shockproof
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum makes it durable enough
  • O-ring seal and nitrogen purge keeps fog and water out
  • Fully multicoated lens for clear images
  • Easy to adjust capped reset turrets

What Could Be Better

The reticle might be too thick to some users

5. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Rifle Scope

I saved the best for last. Here comes a model that I consider the best 22 mag rifle for professionals that aren’t afraid of spending.

This Scope might be the most expensive piece on the list, but I thought it was worth every dollar. Yeah, it crosses the $1K mark, but there are reasons enough for it to come with that price tag.

If you are a shooter who dials the turrets for bullet drop and wind compensation, this Scope would be a good piece for you. It comes with laser-etched turrets, along with adjustable parallax. Even more, you get the RZR zero stop to let you lock in on target when taking a shot.

You get a 2-10×32 first focal plane that makes it ideal for both close and long-range shooting. Besides that, there is a reticle that offers you detailed, intuitive, and highly functional hold points. But the best part is that the reticle will remain uncluttered for optimal viewing. It comes with ten levels of intensity, which feature off positions between each setting.

Another feature that I found incredible was the extra-low dispersion glass that helps to enhance the resolution and color fidelity. Plus, the XR fully multicoated lenses will increase the light transmission. Above all, the lenses come with Amrotek coating that will protect them from dirt, oil, and scratches.

You don’t have to worry about water, fog, or dust getting inside the Scope as it is O-ring sealed and argon purged. Plus, it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum construction that comes in a single-piece design to assure you of a durable and shockproof scope.

What’s To Love

  • Extra-low dispersion glass offers color fidelity and enhanced resolution
  • It is designed to keep track of your position
  • Glass-etched reticle with ten intensity levels
  • RZR Zero stop lets you lock in on your target
  • Strong and shockproof construction

What Could Be Better

At 26.3 OZ, this Scope is more massive than most units out there

Choosing The Best Scope For 22 Magnum

So there go my top 5 scopes for a 22 mag rifle. I tested them differently and is how I noticed their pros and drawbacks. But, this is just a list according to my findings and preference. 

It is essential to find a scope that will not only fit on your 22 but one that can deliver accordingly. That being said, here is a look at how to shop for the best Scope for a 22.

Ø Consider the Optical Power

The main aim of getting a scope is for it to bring the target closer to you. This will be determined by the optical power of the Scope. Generally, the optical power will control the magnification of the Scope, including the zoom in and out.

What I have experienced when working with rifle scopes is that a lower optical power of less than 6x is easy to control on the turret and also easy to target track. On the other hand, the high optical power of 7x and more will be challenging to control. But on the flip side, the high optical power will offer you an immense target resolution. 

If you are a beginner in this field, I’d advise you to go for the low optical power scope.

Ø Consider the Size/Design of Lens

The size of the lens will determine the image quality. This is because the lens size will determine the light that enters inside the Scope. For example, a large lens will allow more light to travel and be transmitted inside the tube of the Scope. As a result, it makes the target image clearer and brighter.

Some lenses are multicoated to give you a clear sight and enhance the overall image delivery. Ideally, choose one that has a coating to prevent the lenses from scratches.

Ø The Construction/Durability

Besides the lens size and optical power, it is vital that you pick a scope that can last for long as you use it on your rifle out in the woods. Most rifle scopes are made of an aircraft-grade aluminum body, which makes them strong and durable enough.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to go for a scope that comes with a single-piece design. Such a model will comfortably withstand the recoiling of the Scope. 

Another feature that you would want to consider is an O-ring seal. This feature helps to make the scope water, fog, and dust resistant. In other words, it assures you of clear images even when it is raining or foggy outside. You won’t have to wait for the Scope to dry for you to use it if it comes with the O-ring seal.

Ø Reticles

Generally, scopes come with three main types of reticles; Duplex, Mildot, and MDC.

My favorite is the Duplex reticles, which tend to be the most convenient for hunting scopes. These reticles come with a crosshair that is located at the center of the Scope. This will then increase in thickness as you zoom out of the Scope. As a result, it means that your eye size and level will stay on the moving target.

The BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) reticle comes with a technology that will adjust the Scope for the effect of a bullet drop on a long-range target. With that, the BDC reticle will suit both long-range and short-range aiming scenarios.

Finally, the Mildot reticle comes with an additional inbuilt dot that can line up with the reticle line. If you need a scope to serve you long-range hunting, choose one with a mildot reticle. They offer you accuracy for long-range hunting.

Ø Adjustment

Even with a scope that comes with the best reticle, lens, and the ideal optical power, you still have to consider the adjustment. How you will be adjusting the lens power and zoom in/out of the Scope will determine. 

I always advise shooters and hunters to choose a scope that is highly adjustable. Plus, it should give you an easy time when you want to make the necessary adjustments. Some of the things you must consider with their adjustability include the windage and elevation adjustments.

Also, consider a scope that comes with a sure grip adjustment, which should let you make the needed adjustment even when your hands are wet.

FAQ( Frequently Ask Questions)

 What is the Best Scope for a 22 magnum rifle?

Generally, the best 22 meg is that which has the optical power, lens size, and reticle that meet your needs accordingly. If you need one for hunting, choose one with a moderate optical power for you to zoom in and out with ease, and also one that comes with a Truplex reticle. But for long-distance aiming and shooting, choose a scope with the BDC reticle. 

Above all, the Scope should be easy to adjust, come with sturdy construction, and help you aim at your target without a problem.

What is a good 22 scope?

Any scope that can meet your hunting or shooting needs accordingly is considered a good piece. Also, it should fall into your budget bracket accordingly. In other words, it would be meaningful to you if it has all the worthwhile features, but you can’t afford it.

What is the best power scope for a 22?

If you need a scope with the right optical power, you should consider choosing one that is easily adjustable. For instance, one that has a 2x to 9x magnification should serve both your short-range and long-range shooting. But for hunting big games, choose one with at least 4x or 6x optical power. This should cover 300 to 400 yards, respectively. If you are hunting smaller animals, you will need a higher magnification.

How far is a 22 Magnum accuracy?

This will depend on the precision of your rifle, the size of your quarry, as well as the type of ammunition used. Nevertheless, the 22 mag rifle can effectively shoot accurately from 50 40 100 yards. For example, you can kill a coyote with your 22 mags at 100 yards with a solid hit.


There you have it. Now you have an idea of the best Scope for 22 Mag, and how you can effectively shop for one. Remember to choose one that meets your hunting or shooting needs accordingly. Don’t forget to choose a durable scope that will serve you for a long time without breaking down too quickly.

Even as a professional, you need to ensure that you handle your firearm with utmost safety. Observe the necessary safety precautions at all times.


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